Release Notes

This page contains release & upgrade information about EventCORE
See also Planned Enhancements, Quick Fixes, Recent Additions or Enhancement Overview

Last Major Upgrades:
2.2, April 5, 2010  (completed delivery date)
The key feature of this upgrade was the addition of verisign payment processing, the ability to include a departmental ID in your creditcard gateway interface and duplicate cart submission protection.

2.1, February 25, 2010 The key features of this upgrade deal with the housing module and the handling of buttons and links on info messages. 

Version 2.2 Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

2011-02-25: Enhanced the login recovery options.
2010-12-15: Added enhanced checkIn to Payment Option.
Added ability to change the Verification Class on an invoice.

Bug Fixes & Quick Improvements:

2011-05-31: Expanded error checking for housing audit to catch bad manual date entries.
: Fixed the inability to erase the Site URL in admin.
2011-05-19: Corrected the "Cancelled" total on multipage listings.
2011-04-01: Fixed SiteSettings Heading overwrite issue.
2011-03-21: Fixed upload issue with file size. Now goes to 2MB.
2011-03-21: Removed error message at bottom of document editing.
2011-03-21: Repaired crashing when bad email in bulk email send.
2011-03-17: Identified issue that was causing new hotels not to take.
2011-03-16: Added commuter ID to bulk email housing listing.
2011-03-15: Fixed so that show CCard for hotel listing can be user controled.
2011-03-15: Better warning message when Pay Module but no Pay Types.
2011-03-11: FIxed issue with CCard Hold name having apostrophe.
2011-03-02: Corrected so that confirm and print records don't allowed travel editing.
2011-02-24: Fixed Amex not recording all digits properly.
2010-01-03: Corrected Fund Cancellation Assesment Balancing Error
2010-01-03: Fixed Error when doing Removing Attendee from Listing
2010-12-28: Corrected Fund Tranfer Balancing Error
2010-12-27: Restricted so cannot change payStat to unbalanced amount.
2010-12-27: Enabled ability to cancel onSite without showing arrived
2010-12-27: Fixed issue with onSite Checking Error
2010-12-16: Added Downpay & Pay Later Filtering to Registration Drop Down
Repaired the onSite multipay processing option.
2010-12-09: Restricted change registration type to within valid class for invoice.
2010-12-08: Added error checking for missing fund date and invalid product numbers.
2010-12-08: Way to do GCX login when site isn't activated for GCX.
2010-12-08: Allow ability to do Hotel Dump with CCard info restricted by IP address.
2010-12-07: Got housing type "r" working (CChold for after reg payment option)
2010-12-02: Added look up username profile info from attendee options page.
2010-12-02: Attendee now prevented from cancelling when still in a room.
2010-12-01: Fix pop up issue for school names with apostrophes (Partial fix).
2010-12-01: Allow editing of product numbers when extension is missing.
2010-12-01: Built in verification check for invalid/duplicate product numbers.
2010-11-29: Fixed "No Charge" registrations to show payment as "done".
2010-11-30: Removed "pay later" option for after payment deadline.
2010-11-30: Added warning to top of attendee lists regarding deadline dates.

Version 2.1 and 2.2 Older Enhancements and Fixes can be found here.

Pending Bug Fixes:
- Express Login (" & ') in name fields do not get carried over.
- admin console, open attend record and "" in first name field gets wiped out (check others) 
- apostrophe's in address on invoice page not getting removed
- on express invoice, if you hit "change" under billing address, it goes to invoice confirmation.
- hotel guarantee failure, when come back in room type is missing
- reload attendee name info after saving with "quote", it looses the quotes
- repeated reloads when there are apostrophe's in the address fields cause slash reloads
- displays slashes when there are quotes/apostrophe's in special needs fields
- have hotel room type w/o name show up on error check and provide way to fix (see cloedog81) for example
- prevent cancel last attendee if empty room on invoice.
- prevent so cannot save room_type w/o name (see site choedog81)
- prevent removal of cCard room guarantee when there are occupants in the room
- restrict admin access for archived sites (only info, goods, basic site settings)
- Pay Single Invoice -> Check... if no invoice found, link to Log In as attendee doesn't work.
- After logging in as "express invoice" and exiting, it needs to close that window.
- Fix Data Validation for carts with remants from pending checks.

Planned enhancements (minor upgrades, not major):
- Fix so room guarantee shows paid or not when housetype is "p, x, s, t"
- My Status has new code of "partial" (for when travel is selected, but not filled out)
- Add Payment ID (i.e. fund ID) to receipt that goes out. 
- My Status has code of "Pending" for when hotel selected but unpaid.
- Add "room rate" to "Room Info" page.
- Give admin ability to change room features & cancel a room.
- Change the whole manner in which pending checks are handled
- Add an "age on" report that gives the age of the attendees on the date of the event.