Lost My Admin Access

I lost my admin access - how do I get it back? 
I cannot see my "yellow" admin bar (or it isn't yellow)?
How can I see a listing of who is coming to the conference?

If you are here because you want to find your ID, jump down to the ID Check section.

Before you read any further, try this: Go to Site Pick, lower left column in the footer. Now select your site again.  This often brings your admin bar back. If that doesn't work, keep reading.

There are a couple of reasons why you may have lost your admin access.

  • Administrator Removed Your Access: Someone with admin rights can add/remove admins at their discretion. So check with them.
  • Not Logged In: Admin access is only available when you are logged in. To confirm, login, see id check below. For help with logging in, read this.
  • Need to Refresh: If access was just granted you may need to leave that particular site and log back in or your site may have timed out.
  • You Never Had Access to This Site: It may be that you are remembering you had admin access to a site, but maybe it wasn't this specific one.
  • Logged In with Different Account: Admin access is granted to a specific login account. If you have two different ways of logging in (e.g. two different email addresses or an email and a different partner account), it may be that your previous login was with a different account, to resolve, see "id check below."
  • Java Script Turned Off: Admin access requires that you have javascript enabled on your browser.
  • A Script Error: An occasional script error may occur that causes a problem. If none of the above options work, use the comment section below to send an email to the Tier 3 tech team for assistance.

ID Check: The first thing to check if you are having login access difficulties, is to check the ID for your current login. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the site where you should have admin access.
  2. Look at the black tab in the upper right header.
  3. If it reads, "Login | Signup" it means you are not logged in and you need to do so in order to gain admin access.
  4. If it reads, "My Account", click on it to get the panel to drop down.
  5. In the far right column of the drop down panel it gives an "id" number (right above your name).
  6. Give that ID number to your site administrator so that they can confirm that your admin access has been granted to that account.
  7. If the site administrator tells you that your admin access is for a different account, you may then need to log in with that account or get your site administrator to change your access to this new account if this is the one you will most likely use.

If you continue to have problems, use the comment section below to submit a question.

By the way, the bar is technically a very light yellow, but on some notebook computers it doesn't show as yellow. But trust me, it is.