Understand Admin/End-User

What is the difference between an "Administrator" and an "End User?"
Are there different logins for each?

It is very important to understand that there are two different types of sites.

End User:  This is a reference to the site where most of your attendees or members (the end-users) will go to perform their desired actions.  If used, they will create a unique login that they will use when they visit to register for a conference or event or become a member.

Administrator: An administrator is someone who has been granted special access to view the attendees, make changes to the content of the site and perform basic site set-up.  Access is granted on a per-person basis by a site administrator with those privileges. 

The End User and the Administrators use the login proceedure when logging in on either site within a particular domain.  If you forget your username or password, recovery options are given.

Some other key concepts to understand are:
 - Understanding Access Rights
 - See the Big Picture of how the sites work.
 - Creating and accessing a Login Account