What is EventCORE?

EventCORE is a Web site tool that uses a modular approach to build customizable Web sites that can have the "look and feel" of your site, but incorporate very powerful features.

The modulal approach allows for administrators to add on modules that can be turned on or turned off based on the needs of the particular site.  Some of the key benefits to using this tool are:

  • Custom Look and Feel: You can custom brand the style sheet and graphics to make the site look and feel like your own site.

  • Customizable Menus: You can change many of the headings, paragraph introductions, titles and other features that control flow and movement.

  • Multiple Modules: You can choose to activate only those items you need. The current available modules are:
    • Travel Plans - Arrival/departure info, etc.
    • International Travel - Passport and Visa details
    • Custom Questionnaires - Can create open ended, complex questionnaires to gather data.
    • Verification - control who can access the site for private registrations
    • Unique items - when you want each attendee to select extra purchase items and add ons.
    • Shopping Cart - open ended, per invoice, items to purchase
    • Discounts - apply discount codes
    • Invitation - invitation only applications
    • T-Shirt - to purchase t-shirts
    • Agree - release forms or other agreements

  • Extensive Built In Reports: Standard reports that give you the most critical data in quick reports.

  • Data Dumps: Export all of your registration data to spread sheets.

  • Custom Reports: Generate custom reports based on key fields.

  • Housing Module: Extensive housing module that allows you to select rooms and self-assign roommates using a secure matching service (i.e. you don't just request a roommate, but you actually match yourself with another person.

  • Email Generation: Customized, mass emails can be sent to attendees to confirm information and request responses.

  • Express Login (log-less):: Option to create a registration without creating a username/password.

  • Group Registration: Can register a group of up to 25 people per invoice and make only one payment for entire group.

  • Multiple Payment Methods: We can support multiple payment types through a gateway.

  • Access Options: Controls the amount of administrative access various people can have.

  • Custom Scripting: Various additional sub-routines can be written to perform custom applications.

The tool is also constantly changing with new features being regularly added.

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