Quike Event Overview

What is a QuikE Event?
How and when should I use this?
Can I get another template created?

A QuikE Event is designed to get you up and running in a matter of minutes. You could begin taking simple registrations in a matter of 60 seconds or less.

The process involves just a handful of simple answers, selecting a template and then load a few values. The rest is done behind the scenes. You can always customize and add things to enhance your site, but a basic site take just a couple of quick screens.

Getting Started
From the server home page (click the "Server Home" button in the lower footer), you start by picking the big green button that says, "QUIKE a Site." This will take you to the QuikE menu. If you want to clone a site or create a more complex site, then use the "Create Site" link in the footer. Once in the QuikE sequence, you'll be taken through a series of screens.

Screens By Screen
To create a site in 60 seconds, you are simply asked a couple of questions on a few different screens. The first screen is where you enter the name, dates and site creator information. On the second screen you choose a template for a couple of common types of events (explained in the next section). You then also chose the registration types you want to start with.  There may be a few final validation questions (based on your template choice) and then you're done. The first time it may take you a little longer as you read some of the notes, but once you get to be a whiz at it, you'll be able to fly through a simple site really quickly (thus the name "QuikE").

QUIKE Site vs Create Site
If you are going to clone a site or know from the start that you want to see "all the choices", then use the Create a Site option. But if you're not cloning and your site fits one of the templates, it's to your advantage to start with QuikE and then customize from there. QuikE is only used for initial creation. Once set up, your site becomes a normal site that you use Admin: Setup to give the site the specific look and feel that you want.

Template Options
Here are the initial list of templates that we offer. We would be more than glad to add more templates based on demand. If you have an interest in seeing a template created for a particular type of event, please use Tier 3 Support to make your request.  The following are our current templates.

  • Meeting: A simple meeting without housing.
  • Retreat With Dorms: An event in which housing is included in the cost of registration and all people are staying the same number of nights. Roommate matching isn't used because everybody is staying in multi-person rooms.
  • Retreat With 4 People Rooms: Similar to the previous except you are assigning people to rooms (we start with 4 per room, you can adjust size later). Everybody stays the same number of nights.
  • Conference No Housing: Getting a little more complex than a retreat because it asks a few more questions.
  • Conference With Housing:  Same as the previous but now we add in housing.
  • International Conference: Same as previous but now we add in Travel Module and advance planning.
  • Indigitous Lite: A specialty conference that has a very unique makeup. This even populates some of the left menu overview fields.