Share Admin Access

Can we share admin access? 
Is there an advantage of shared admin access vs individual access? 
Should we use a generic email for admin access or our own personal emails?

Is it possible to share admin access?
There is nothing to stop you from sharing administrative access but it's kind of like kissing your sister. You can but why would you?  With individual admin access you can set up each admin to only see exactly what you want them to see. Additionally, there are certain tracking features that are based on who is logged in as the administrator. When you share access, you loose the ability to see which admin is performing certain actions.  Another reason not to is that it limits your use of that user ID from other sites. Your user ID is used by other software in the EventCORE family. This could be other conferences and other sites that we manage. As such, giving out the password to a common account could have ramifications down the road.

There is no charge for additional administrators.
A common practice in the industry of registration sites is to use admin seats as a method for determining the charge to use their software. So you do not gain an advantage from a cost perspective to share an admin.

Is there an advantage?
The only one we can think of is if someone really has a hard time remembering passwords. If the two people sharing the passwords are next to each other they can yell, "Hey, what's the password?" If you can think of another advantage, please let us know.

The bottom line, we don't prevent it, but we strongly don't recommend it. 

Generic Email vs Personal Email for Admin Access
We recommend that you use your own personal email address for admin access. That way any notifications will come directly to you. The email you use for the site set up (Admin: Setup -> Start) to send notifications and for the help desk, can be a separate email address. It does NOT have to be an administrator email.

For help on setting up administrators, please view this answer