Custom Notes in Script

Is it possible to have a custom note insertd in the script?
Where do I edit my custom notes?

There are a few places as indicated below that it is possible to have a custom note inserted into a script.  Because EventCORE is a "shared platform" there placement of these notes must be at designated points.  At that place the script goes to the info base to look and see if a custom script exists.  If it does, then that note is pulled in and placed into the end-user side at the specified location.

There are three main places where you can customize the information that appears on your site.  Click the "more..." button at the end of each brief description to take you to the page that gives the detailed instructions for that section. 

  • Home Page: This page allows for the MOST customization. You can designate your top banner logo, a home page image on the left side, the left menu bar, the welcome, overview and instructions tabs along with the site title and dates. Basically with the exception of the blue box, the nav buttons and the footer, everything on here is customizable.
  • Registration Page: The questionnaire section of this page is where the most customization is allowed, but there are a few other places where you can customize titles menus.
  • Housing Page: This page is built on most of the choices that you make for housing. There is an option to place a customized note at the top of the entire page.
  • Payment Page : You can control the type of payment options you allow and there is one place for a note to appear right above the "Please Choose a Payment Option", but other than that, very little on this page can be customized.

Future Locations
The following options will be added on an "as-needed" basis.  If you wish to have a custom note appear in one of the following locations, please chat with the site administrator. 

  • Travel Section: To give information about filling out the travel information section.
  • Advance Planning: For information about visa's and passport information.

Activating Custom Scripting Notes
Notes can be activated and edited in...  (note, this section is yet to be completed).