New Feature Funding

What does "Funded" verses "Pending Funding" mean?
How can I get a "Phase Two" (Pending Funding) improvement moved to the Phase One?

The move from Legacy to Platform 2.0 was initially funded by the Global Leadership Office of Cru. As time has gone on and additional people are using this tool, the need for more features continues to grow. After January 1, 2014, all new features must be funded by the requesting parties.

If you desire to have a new feature added or some aspect of the tool improved, here are the steps. 

  • First, read through the list of currently funded projects that are in the works and make sure that your desire isn't there.
  • For a new feature or change, submit a request via the Web portal and give a brief summary of what you want.  
  • EventCORE will respond back to you with a quote for how much that feature change will require.
  • You can then decide if you want to foot the bill for that improvement alone or seek to find other users to share the cost.
  • Unless the improvement is designated a custom scripting application, the improvement will be available to all who use EventCORE.

The mindset behind this approach is that we want to keep the cost of using EventCORE to be minimal.  For those ministries involved in Cru (or direct partners), there is almost no charge for using EventCORE.  The initial funding from the Office of the President was designed to take the tool to a specific point, but not fund it indefinitely.  It has been determined that the current funding would wrap up in the spring of 2013 with the completion of the projects in "Phase One" of the Platform 2.0 Status Page.   Subsequent new improvements will now be made as they are funded on a case by case basis.

Since improvements/changes to the core script benefit all, there may be others who are interested in sharing the cost of funding a particular phase.  So upon submission of your request, EventCORE can let you know if there are others who may want to also share in the production cost.