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What are the three sections included in the "My Account" tab?
Which Websites use the "My Account" tab?
Why does the "My Account" tab sometimes read, "Login | Signup"?
How does the "My Account" tab work with JavaScript isn't enabled?

The "My Account Tab" is being worked on as of January 4, 2013.

The "My Account" tab is a cross-platform approach for allowing a user to create a login or view basic user information.  This tab appears at the top of every page and when clicked, it provides a drop down panel that has three sections. Which sections you see are dependent upon if you are logged in or not.

Three Panels in the Drop Down

What you see when you click the tab link is dependent based on if you are logged in or not.  

If you are logged in, the tab will read "My Account" and you will see the following:

  • My Help Center: Contains a search box that will bring up answers from the help center, your most recently viewed answers and any you designate as favorites.
  • My Messages: Contains your most recent interaction with the support team (if any) as well as any unanswered mail.
  • My Profile: Your name, contact information and basic demographics.

If you are not logged in, the tab will read "Login | Signup" and you will see:

  • Partner Login: A way to login using one of our partner connections. 
  • Username / Password Login: If you created a username/password on the platform, this section is used to enter or recover that username/password.
  • Not a Member yet? Sign Up! If you are not a member, this section is used to sign up.  If you created an "email only" login, you can also use this section to be sent a validation code to log in. 


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