Upgrade Loose Ends

Are there any "known issues" that are not yet working right?
What are the items yet to finish on the "incomplete" current actions being worked on.

The following items need "quick fixes." These correspond to the Platform 2.0 status.  Scroll down to the ON HOLD section for those that correspond to the Platform 2.0 Status page.


  • When making a multi-payment on just one of the linked items, it needs to assign the order number to all of the attendees in the group.
  • When making a payment on an order when there are no attendees, it leaves the cart hanging.
  • When the attendee is overpaid, the java allows the number to go negative. 

Blank Email 

  • Set up a configuration setting that allows admin to select if blank emails are allowed.

Attendee Listing 

  • Add a "refresh" button that refreshes the page.
  • Change the color of the continue button
  • Edit of a CR-7-sys Entry doesn't allow for ProdNumb to be changed.

Payment Dropdown 

  • Expandable Options for Check/Cash/Other Payment Options

New Views 

  • Duplicate Checker - Access from "Other" menu

General to Check

  • In questions for submenu, they still show up when status is blank... Should that happen?
  • Fix all substr(a_payStat,0,4)s to be explode(:, a_payStat)

For the following ON HOLD projects, here's what's needed:

  • End-User Housing Module [75% done] - Able to cancel room, roommate finder assign, auto assign roommates. 
  • Ability to custom label fields (admin override). [20% done] - Automate this process as part of a big admin script (rather than manual entry in info table)
  • Admin ability to create custom cart entry. [70% done] - Need to make way to delete a manual cart entry.
  • Clone from one site to another - - need option to retain question numbers instead of sequential, successful clone message then replicate for info and messages.
  • Custom ability for Quick Opts Sections (Titles, Ethnicity, Age Groups, etc.) - need to create a way on the admin side to enter these items
  • End-User Housing Module - just needs the ability to edit/cancel rooms
  • Admin Housing Module - the structure into the databases is working  and the general layout for how the room blocks will work. - next steps, set up hotels, manage block, etc.  
  • Datadump of all information into single spreadsheet - need to add new items as they become available.
  • Get Verisign/Paypal working - just need a live event to test it with.
  • Limit the number of attendees by reg type (Sold Out Events) - just need to have it "remove" a "max" value if the event is less than sold out.
  • Able to put custom notes in script
  • New Views to Tables - see listing above.
  • Get "My Account" to load on demand - just need to go thru and check all pages, espc. admin to make sure on demand is loading
  • View by Invoice Groups with Group Edit ability - the view is there, but actions need to be set up (also fix email field)
  • Allow for multi-invoice records via user choice - do a lot more testing to work out bugs.
  • Apply a Discount to an attendee or Group 
  • Discounts - admin is working, - need to create ability for end-user to select discounts.
  • PDF printing and export features - add refresh button, figure out way for pdf to not include hidden columns
  • Partner Login Issues - Need to confirm that each of the other partner methods works on all Servers.
  • Admin Group (Multipayment) Payments - just a couple of warning messages.
  • Individual Attendee Admin features working - in the list given on other page, ones in italics need to be done.
  • Custom ability for Quick Opts Sections - some of the custom title things are working, just need to add more and then give an admin way to deal with them.
  • Protection from unauthorized edits - this needs to be tested and set to confirm that only people with permission can get in.
  • *Class/Verifications (Event within an Event) - need to create ability for it to show menu items and questionnaires based on track choice.
  • Get style sheet optimized for smart phones - need to create a whole new interface for mobile phones.
  • Allow for "blank" email registrations - need to build in ability for admin to disallow blank emails.
  • Prevention of Duplicate Postings - just need some warning messages placed in key places