Event within Event

What is an "Event Within an Event?"
Can I set my site up so that different people see different questions?

An "Event within an Event" is an exciting new dimension that became available with the new 2.0 platform.  It allows you to use a verification class set up approach to set up different sub-event within your main event.  As the administrator you will be able to control everything from menu items, registration types, to questionnaires by turning them on/off based on verification code. This will enable you to create different registration systems for the end user, but track it all centrally as the administrator.

The 2.0 Platform takes a different approach in that it allows you to show different menu items, registration types and questionnairs based on the class you choose.  So in essense, a person is seeing a completely different conference based on the initial class that they choose.

The implications of this are huge.  It means that you can have your site set up so that staff, volunteers and students would see different menu items and registration types.  Or if you have people coming from differnent areas of the world, you can set up different questionnaires based on their needs.  This is also the same scripting logic that will allow for translation flexibility.  The site will load the questions based on the chosen language.

The details of how this will work are being developed with an anticipated release date of mid-spring 2013.

The current plan for how this will work is as follows.

You will select the Event in Event from the Create a Site Option.  The format is you have an overall "parent" site with two or more "child" sites underneath them.  

You create the "Parent" site as the administrative site which holds all of the data and becomes the general "landing" page for all sites.  A specific site number is created for this site.  This will be the URL to which you'll point people to get to the general site.   This site does not contain any information, questionnaires or attendee types.  It simply provides the gateway to the child sites.

You are then asked how many "Child" sites you wish to create.  Each child site contains its own set of info items, registration types and questionnaires.  Modules can be turned on or off within each child site.  A child site can also have a password set to protect it from unauthorized use.  Child sites cannot be accessed directly by the end user.  

On the admin side of things, all of the data is housed in the parent site.  Individual questionnaire data is all in one pace and all attendees are grouped together in this common structure.  You can separate out data by "child" site if you wish, but by design, they are grouped together as a "event within an event."

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