Platform 2.0 Status

What is Platform 2.0?
What is the Status of the Platform 2.0 Development?
When do you expect it to be fully functioning?

What is Platform 2.0?
It is an exciting new approach to registration built from the ground up with the end user in mind. There are three main enhancements to Platform 2.0
  • Single Page, Selection Based Registration Page: No more moving through multiple pages to complete your information. By using aJax technology, pages expand and contract based on selections. The entire registration form is a single page. Housing is on it's own page and then payment is a separate page. That's it. Three pages for collecting all of that information.
  • User Defined Login: In recognizing that people hate to have to create multiple logins for different sites, we offer the flexibity of using your preferred method. (Facebook, gMail, LinkedIn, Email Only, Proprietary, etc.)
  • Responsive Web Design: The site works fine and looks great on whatever device you are on - desktop, notebook, tablet or even your mobile phone. We are using HTML5 and CSS3 as the means to accomplish that end.
If you want to take a test drive and see how it looks, go to our test site. (Until the official release you may catch us in a testing phase where something might not work perfect, but don't worry, it will be fixed by the time we go live.)

Platform 2.0 Upgrade Status as of October 29, 2013

You can now get more immediate updates on progress by following the progress on Twitter.  Just follow @intre24.  Or go to:

For a MICRO view of recent bug fixes, you can check the ticket log.

Yet to be Completed (Next items to be worked on appear at the top):

In Progress

  • Switch of to Mandrill for sending Emails [60% done]

Partially completed, on hold

  • Datadump of all information into single spreadsheet [91% done]
  • Convert Email to Username Password [70% done]
  • Fix Facebook & Other Partner Login Issue [50% done]
  • Protection from unauthorized edits [80% done]
  • Get style sheet optimized for smart phones [80% done]

For additional info about current work, click here

The above features are actively being worked on. Items below are next in line. (In mostly likely order of priority)

Work On Next
Next Phase - Currently Funded^ (explanation)


  1. Add username to password recovery email.
  2. Fix the wrong username message to more clearly show error.
  3. End-User Send Email to Invited Roommate
  4. Custom note after you finish and it returns back to listing...a better closure point.


  1. Admin ability to edit questionnaires.
  2. Get the privacy policy working and on create link site.
  3. Get the "Create a Site" completely working.


  1. Product Quantity Report with Drill Down Ability.
  2. Get Payment Invoice Receipt Link Working on Receipt (srch itemized linc).
  3. Admins auto added to MailChimp Account for Communication.
  4. Tier 2 Support Forum Established.
  5. Complete Switch to Paid Support Model (Tier 3 Support)

Items below this line are either DONE or are UNFUNDED. Only items above this line are currently scheduled to be completed for the current upgrade of Platform 2.0.

Phase Two - Funding Pending^ 

In no particular order.  When funded they move up into the above sequence.
  • Roommate Matching Automation (send emails to potential roommates)
  • Group Register As Option Working
  • Mandatory Fields Administration as Admin
  • Ability to custom label fields (admin override).
  • Able to put custom notes in script (registration page, payment page, etc.)
  • Custom ability for Quick Opts Sections (Titles, Ethnicity, Age Groups, etc.)
  • Admin bar have drop down menus with available options.
  • Go directly to housing when you click on "roommate match option"
  • Get Verisign/Paypal working on new platform.
  • *Class/Verifications (Event within an Event)
  • Split out the addresses to a separate table that allows multiple entries designated by type.
  • New views to tables.
  • Add a "geographic" view that allows you to see/sort by the Area of the world in which the country is located.
  • Letter of Invitation Module
  • Pull info from previous registrations to pre-populate*
  • Create "Contact" tables from which attendees pulls data.  Convert Attendee table to be an index for contacts.
  • Fix so that receipts can be sent when making a multi-invoice payment.
  • Add on Events
  • Clean up the Payment Opts popUp box to look cleaner.
  • Get the "Tech Support" aspect working.
  • Admin ability to edit & change order of headings (menu table)
  • Additional Login Methods (Yahoo, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Fix so that questionnaire columns on datadump stay in order. (srch fxDspOdr)
  • Ability to change the display order of individual registration types.
  • PopUp Message when you try to save housing with space available in room. (See evernote article)
  • Add view messages to Attendee Actions dropdown link.
  • Switch from popUp to javascript box for attendee admin functions.
  • Set up weekly reminder for unpaid accounts.
  • Create ability for end-user group coordinator to pay multiple invoices within their group in one payment (like admin multipayments)
  • Paper trail to track changes to housing registrations in the system.
  • Ability to produce hotel rooming list viewable by specific administrator to a hotel.
  • Archive Events (get this automated)
  • Get the mysqli converstion completed.
  • Create built-in "non-attending group coordinator" option that would not be included in reports.
  • Get Campus Lookup/School Search feature working.
  • Get "return to existing registration" as a autofill email field.
  • Change so default is downpay when cart first loads.
  • Ability for EndUser to pay for multi-invoices in simgle payment.
  • Testing with JavaScript Off
  • Add "icons" to the payment pop up confirmation to more clearly indicate what is being charged
  • Admin - option to send link to a person (popup with email to send to)
  • Radio button for "other" payment amnt and then more flex for entry amount (java is overriding).
  • Check for Duplicates Script Option Working. (via other or validation, not view)
  • Direct Edit of Tables
  • Analytics for the counts of field types and drill downs into types.
  • Batch processing of fund payment types
  • Email Blast/Bulk Email Sender
  • Auto-Capitalize First, Last and Nametag on save
  • Resend of confirmation/payment or housig emails.
  • Have the admin cash/check/other box titles adjust base on choice
  • Video Training Films Showing How Tos
  • Integration into MailChimp for List Management
  • Documents Section & File Handling
  • Childcare Feature
  • Change to a "noreply" sender from the domain with reference to use Help Link for assistance.
  • Add a check box to give permission for others to see that you're attending
  • Permissions Module (things like photo permission, add me to mailing list, etc.)
  • Use the Lytebox feature to pop up images of various pages as help.
  • View Option to review your record (both end user and admin)
  • Way for admin to reassign Group Invoice Primary Person
  • Have the "who is attending" display at end of registration.
  • For support email, add links to knowledge base and links to amend message.
  • Event Directory/Permission Listing
  • Printer Friendly way to print page for sending in checks
  • Foreign Currency Ability
  • Ability to retreive transaction detail in
  • Allow additional attendees to see/edit a group invoice
  • Get second address to be contain location sensitive field names.
  • Registration Only Option (no extra info pages)
  • Admin Refund Processing by Type
  • Admin control of partial payments with option for note on/off.
  • Put lock and discount info at bottom of invoice (as a simple listing)
  • Group Discount Ability (when registering as a whole group)
  • Add text msg ability for site admins on help and summary.
  • Get Legacy-Upgrade Admin Feature Working including site converter
  • Ride Share
  • Get questionnaire beyond 2 working.
  • Add fund payment type 'f' for EFT.
  • Add a "projected attendance" section based on past events
  • Seminar Manager Including Size Limits and Wait Lists
  • Ability to Change Color Scheme
  • Allow for custom style sheet adaptations
  • Scholarship another individual.
  • Progress bar that appears on top to let you know how far along you are
  • Language Support

What is Working (most recent addtiions are at the top of this list):

  1. Couples and Family Registration (10/25)
  2. Restrictive Views (Attendee only & Hotel Only) (10/10)
  3. Get the "My Account" corrected and working on all pages. (10/9)
  4. Electronic Fund Transfers as payment method (9/5)
  5. Confirmation Emails (housing, attend, payment) automatically sent based on admin parameters (9/5)
  6. Image/File Uploader working (9/5)
  7. Admin Housing Module (9/5) 
  8. Admin ability to enter/edit prices and cart items (goods table) (8/24) 
  9. Admin ability to create custom cart entry. (8/23)
  10. Clone from one site to another (8/22)
  11. Ability to Send Bulk Emails (8/10)
  12. Yet to Pay Report Showing (Reg/Uniq/Housing) (7/29)
  13. End-User Housing Split Payment Processing (7/20)
  14. Ability to Enter Housing Block. (7/17
  15. End-User Housing Module (7/12
  16. Prevention of Duplicate Postings (7/1)
  17. Individual Attendee Admin features working (edit, invoice payment, cancel, change price, notes, view) (6/10)
  18. Admin Ability to Group Attendees and Link Invoices (5/31)
  19. Apply a Discount to an attendee. (5/10)
  20. Apply a Discount to an attendee or group of attendees. (5/1)
  21. Allow for Multi Invoice Records via User Choice (5/1)
  22. Admin Group (Multipayment) Payments (4/19)
  23. View by Invoice Groups with Group Edit ability for "linked" invoices (4/15)
  24. Ability to limit the number of attendees by a registration type (4/10)
  25. Get the "My Account" to load on demand rather than stored as session. (4/9)
  26. Add ability to export to Excel or to a .pdf (3/19)
  27. Move "Password" feature as a separate step at site start. (3/14)
  28. Added feature that shows payment status on home page by payment button. (3/13)
  29. Get "Unique" modules working (end user side(3/6)
  30. Mandatory Fields on End User Side (3/5)
  31. Confirmation email now contains detailed summary (3/1)
  32. Gender and Age fields showing on roommate assignments (2/26)
  33. Privacy/Terms of service links working (2/25)
  34. Travel Fields to dump (2/22)
  35. Roommate Finder End-User (2/8)
  36. Get the Emergency Actions working on Admin Side (2/8)
  37. Add Facebook, Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn as standard ask options (2/7)
  38. Set the order of the registration types -End User (2/5)
  39. Ability to hold two addresses (home & work, school & home, etc.) (2/5)
  40. Add t_event Field to travel table (1/31)
  41. Direct link to left menu answers (1/29) 
  42. Automated place for social media links on HomePage (1/29) 
  43. Special buttons in info messages (1/24)
  44. Checkrow feature working (1/22)
  45. Set up so changing registration type needs to have zero balance (12/27)
  46. Admin Housing Module (12/27)
  47. Onsite View and Count (12/27)
  48. Quick Add Attendee (12/26)
  49. Onsite Cashier Actions w/ Housing (12/26)
  50. Onsite Registration Check-In (12/26)
  51. Allow for "blank" email registrations (12/26)
  52. Ability to Set Site Status (12/24)
  53. Payment Transfers (12/23)
  54. Admin Access Setup by Admins (12/22)
  55. Create way to view "analytics" (question responses) (12/12)
  56. Assess a Cancellation Fee (12/11)
  57. Ability to Lock in Price Override (12/1)
  58. Enhanced "More" Admin Functions (11/16)
  59. Admin Refund Processing by Line (11/16)
  60. Set up Scholarshp Products as return funding (11/16)
  61. Add Scholarship Payment Method (11/16)
  62. Extra button for "Submit & Pay" for attendee reg page (11/9)
  63. Changes to Reg Type now allowed for paid attendees (11/8)
  64. Restrictions on post-paid edit (i.e no name change/lock reg type) (11/8)
  65. Hide Attendee Listing columns when all data is the same (11/5)
  66. Fixed so "help" messages save more data and are sent to admin (11/5)
  67. Make a cleaner creditcard expiration date drop down (10/30)
  68. Changed so doesn't save empty questionnaire data. (10/27)
  69. Fixed login issues when trying to change username (10/26)
  70. Save sent emails to message base for later recall. (10/25)
  71. Ability to create a custom welcome heading. (10/25)
  72. Admin edit give ALL registration types (10/23)
  73. Auto-transfer of current username/login schema (10/17)
  74. Professional Redesign of the Template.
  75. Shopping Cart "Buy" Items
  76. Table Viewer as spreadsheet template.
  77. Duplicate Email Management
  78. Get email confirmations set up (attendee and invoice). [95% done]
  79. Clean-up Site Navigation & home page return
  80. Confirm Gateway Reading Correctly.
  81. Cleaner Verification Code Processing (save the code for a few hours)
  82. Within group registrations, checkbox ability for individual attendees: 1) to edit their record; 2) make payments; 3) change housing
  83. Get new/old platform compatibility resolved.
  84. Common File Access on Public Servers
  85. Get it running under SSL
  86. Advance Planning Module
  87. Emergency Contact Info
  88. Get "Force Close" working
  89. Additional Questionnaires (this is huge because it opens door for Event within an Event)
  90. Change address labels when country changes and dropdowns for State Fields
  91. Multiple login methods (Facebook, gMail, Relay, Key, Username, Email Only)
  92. Ability to enter all of the standard registration fields (name, nickname, address, phones, biographical stuff, etc.) Some do not have drop downs yet associated with them.
  93. Address fields labeled according to country (don't yet automatically change until save and page refresh)
  94. Info menu appears on left side
  95. More natural flow from page to page.
  96. Most of the travel module features.
  97. Group Registrations linked together
  98. Ability to customize with your own logo and site page.
  99. Single Questionnaire Feature working
  100. Logless Entry - You can register with just your email address

Additional Notes:

^ Items from Phase Two - "Funding Pending" will be moved to the top as funding becomes available.  For a more detailed explanation of how to get new items into EventCORE, view this answer.

If you want to view a "test site" that has all of the available features turned on, go to:

*Notes for starred items:

The Class/Verifications module is going to be totally reworked to allow for an "Event within an Event." It will enable you to set up completely separate conferences within a conference so that everything from menu items, registration types, to questionnaires can be turned on and off based on a verification code. This will enable you to create different registration systems for the end user, but track it all centrally as the administrator.

Family and Couple Registrations will allow you to check a box at the beginning of the registration process that will open up new screens that will enable you to create a family registration on the fly. On the admin side they will still be treated as separate attendees, but to the end user, he only has to enter in address and other information once.

Pre-Populate Fields: After entering your email address for a new registration, the system will go out to previous entries to fill in standard data. If you're logged in, it will do this automatically. If you're not logged in, it will send a validation code to your email address and you'll be asked to validate. The building of the pre-populating will begin with the poplog profile (if used) and then add the most recent data until the field set is completely built.