Custom Scripting

Is it possible to have some aspect of the code customized?
Can I request a feature upgrade?
Can you do my desired enhancement first?

Bottom line is that most things are possible.  But the critical question is how fast do you want it and how much do you want to pay.  As a shared environment, it must be realized that changes to the script in one place affects everybody elses sites as well.  But that doesn't mean that a piece of custom code cannot be written.

There are two ways to handle this.  First, a completely separate custom application code can be writtten that only you will have access to.  Second, an enhancement to the script can be build that will then be incorporated into the general code so that others may also have access to that coding. 

The scripts are constantly changing and being upgraded.  We have a whole list of planned enhancements.  Some are scheduled and some are only plans to someday eventually get to.  The priority placed on the listed enhances is determined by the needs of the current owner/developer of the actual scripting software.  This is the order you see reflected in this planned enhancement list.  But this priority order can be "modified."

Take for example a desire to use someone's Facebook login instead of our standard login.  We plan to do this, but it isn't scheduled.  If you want it moved up in order of priority, you can pay to have that type of scripting done.  In essense, you're taking something that has currently not yet made it to the priority page and you're paying to have it moved up to the top of the list.

So if you have something you want done, you need to first see if it is a planned enhancement or a quick fix.  If it is, then you can see if it has been scheduled to be completed.  If it has, then you need to look at the timeframe stated and decide if that is soon enough or if you want to pay to get your desired enhancement moved to the front of the list. 

If your desire is not on the list, then you can make an inquiry to see if it would be a "planned enhancement" (i.e. something that will benefit everybody) or a "custom application."  You'll then be given a price quote for what that enhancement would cost and how long it would take.  If you wish to proceed, your enhancement or custom scripting will be then moved to the top of the list.

You can use the "contact" link to make your request.  Please provide as much detail as possible for what you are looking for.