Quick Fixes

The following are some quick fixes that will be incorporated into the INTRE system.

Recent Changes:
2010-02-24: Fixed so "edit" option doesn't appear on attendee summary in admin console.
2010-02-17: Split out work/cell phones on attendee selection page.
2010-02-17: Fixed attendee display to show work/cell phones.
2010-02-17: Changed so that profile editing brings up right fields.
2010-02-16: Fixed state drop down not bringing in data correctly.
2010-02-15: Enabled shortened info msg linking in messages in light sessionID.
2010-02-11: Added "AllAccess" feature to an individual site basis.
2010-02-11: Fixed so that siteInfo is re-read when you click on the "login" button.
2010-02-10: Added ability to refund via check or cash when doesn't match original method.
2010-02-09: Created "AllAccess" option so that a super admin can log into any site without creating user credentials
2010-02-09: Fixed Add User option from Admin Access Options
2010-02-08: Repaired CHMOD properties for new site set up
2010-01-20: Added restrictions so that edit links don't appear on Admin Summary of attendee.
2010-01-19: Added "train" as option that shows more details under travel options.
2010-01-18: Direct to Payment for quick registration.
2010-01-17: Repaired ability to change hotel guarantee.
: Restrict so "Quick List" not available for site 0.
2009-08-21: Repaired "hidden" questionnaire items
2009-08-20: Fixed a few minor typos in text that surfaced
2009-08-17: Added some of the missing BulkE messages that were causing error
2009-08-15: Fixed issue where previous login was not being found (typo in "range =")
2009-08-01: Major things related to 2.0 repair
2009-05-22: Fixed missing "Join" on Housing Module
2009-05-07: Changed all "abort" references to "cancel"
2009-04-27: Added GCX logo to logon button
2009-04-27: Move the "Continue" button to be at bottom of "Welcome" to accomodate short welcome messages.
2009-04-25: Move "New User" up so easier to see on Returning Users page.
2009-04-24: Made a "Create User" option for administrators
2009-04-23: Repaired Admin listing so that all are in order and sequential
2009-04-22: Fixed "Create First Goods" entry.
: Removed "Insert Special Info Item" because no longer needed.
2009-04-14: Stripped HTML & special characters from dataDump column headings.
2009-04-10: Added Unique Items to Summary
2009-04-10: Changed headings on Summary to match module titles
2009-04-10: Repaired style sheet issue on HD stylesheet
2009-04-09: Changed Payment Status on Summary
2009-04-07: Added search box on Roommate Listing
2009-04-01: Fixed a problem with status type for goods.
2009-04-01: Added ability to do a "force download" from the Info Menu. 

March 2009 Completed Listing

- Fix file uploader to work correctly with Firefox
- Allow text change on Check Option so that it can read as the admin desires.
- Replace appropriate number_format(.. options with numbIt function
- Reset DataDump to build off of attend copy instead of dataJoin
- Add v_width to paintView for column sizes (also check to make sure = 100%)
- For "t" site, don't show payment as done if housing is -1
- Fix so Print-Confirm (of Attendee) only works if attendee is completed.
- Fix so that "country" is an option on the profile.
- Change country on profile/attendee repaints address screens if visible (use AJAX)
- Fix so change travel brings up just that section...
- What causes profile creation w/ pID & uID = 0, email blank, name blank, etc.
- Make use of $_Session [siteType] variable
- Admin search on order number, have it check the sale table (in case cart only entry)
- For discount, if change product number, have it recalculate discount.
- For Goods Editing, change so that you can change the prefix based on type
- Reorganize log in page so wider & shorter (Put login to left, text to right)
- Fix so fax number shows up on attendee record
- Get GCX login working with Admin side
- Get "membership" and "cart" sites to show up on SiteIndex
- Find out if this works:   &rVal=payment.php?a=changeShip';
- On "Cart" entry page, change so that boxes that are non-editable are lines and not "readonly" boxes.
- Get the "verify" option for ajax menus working.

HIGH Priority:

  • Enhance New Attendee Quick Pay when it finds existing email.
  • Add an event start date in the EVENT table so that things like arrival date in transport module and auto-checkin feature appears.
  • If "check" is the only payment option, have it go directly to a "mail in this invoice" page instead of filling in the check number etc.  Give this as an option. (e.g. use stdTxt if there, jump-- otherwise loose ability to record check number.)
  • After Site Verification, change so that site only resets to "0" if it was previously 0 or below.  For any status 1 or greater do not reset.  If there is ever an error in site verification, the sit status should be reset to -1. 
  • Change to allow site to choose if they want to allow transfers or not.  If no, then stays in attend table.
  • Find out why Hotel Bulk Emails (fcn_views.332: [v_a_mailHo]) error appears.
  • When open datadump on new site the permissions on the .csv file need to be set.
  • Get "paid" status to work correctly for unique items that we purchased but then returned. (since it sees an entry it considers it done).
  • Add Search Page boxes to other forms (currently on roommate listing) make function.
  • Make "Agreement" Module automated set up including info insertion.
  • For master billed or transfer housing, require gender for rooms.
  • For "contact us" and other form submissions prior to login, add the image filter entry.
  • When entering new hotel dates, warn if more than two weeks away from other date.  Also check to make sure they are in range of e_housing listing in events table.
  • When using "buy" option (see LAP Courses) have it post item in cart but stay or come back to buy page and then also put a "Make Payment" button on the bottom of the "buy" page.
  • Date Field Java Selector: Use java script instead of raw data (see basic settings, deadlines)
  • Research why Hotel Dump not working after upgrade.
  • Have a nicer error message pop up when you have the "cash" optoin activated.
  • When doing a transfer or cancellation, check first to see if there is a transfer/cancellation product in the goods table.  If there is, then auto set the transfer amount.  CF-##-can or CF-##-tran
  • When cloning products or info items, enable a auto check box that checks all boxes at once.
  • Convert "Return to View" link to a "Cancel" button.
  • Create ability to do dataDump from Custom Reports
  • Customize editing of custom messages for Countries and Airports
  • Come up with way for custom shortened airline list (default to most popular and then grab others as needed)
  • Under dataDump, for ckbox items change to a 1 instead of "on" (for tallying purposes)
  • Find out why userRec not retrieved with admin_login (srch: #FIXthis.user.190) and Login as User: (option to edit user does not work!)
  • Find out why cell/work/fax isn't working correctly
  • Reconsider Default View for profiles that shows most everything.
  • Research why Payment Reminder Listing (fcn_views.332: v_a_paymnt) error appears.
  • How to get devEdit to default load in simple verses complete mode.  Check for upgrade version.
  • Find out why Hotel Bulk Emails (fcn_views.332: [v_a_mailHo]) error appears.
  • For master billed or transfer housing, require gender for rooms.
  • Date Field Java Selector: Use java script instead of raw data (see basic settings, deadlines)
  • Research why Hotel Dump not working after upgrade.
  • Add ability to choose which transportation options appear in Travel Module.
  • Fix so date in airport dropdown defaults to dates close to conference time (this will require a conference date field in event table)
  • Create ability to do dataDump from Custom Reports
  • Under dataDump, for ckbox items change to a 1 instead of "on" (for tallying purposes)
  • Find out why userRec not retrieved with admin_login (srch: #FIXthis.user.190) and Login as User: (option to edit user does not work!)
  • Switch GCX logon to use different unique field.  Fix to get working.
  • Research why Payment Reminder Listing (fcn_views.332: v_a_paymnt) error appears.
  • How to get devEdit to default load in simple verses complete mode.  Check for upgrade version.
  • Help icon on users pages
Medium Priority:

  • Get style sheet tan, green, blue default working.
  • Check for open SALE entries but no attendees registered
  • Back-fill profile with data from attendee when profile fields are empty.
  • Add icon to URL line (see programming)
  • Mixed Gender Rooms Report
  • Admin edit of menu items have appear as table rather than individual edits to change text.
  • Enhance phone number entry (show country code for non-US numbers)
  • Enhance Travel Section Status Check so that it actually checks if travel info is completed.
  • For adding admin, better search function and click to add.
  • Make sure Cancel, Skips, Abort take you to right place.
  • MP3 Audio Directory
  • Add Cash Icon to payment types
  • Much better error checking for hotel new room set up (new hotel also)
  • Add ability to resend invoice as a link to attendee
  • Why does MY Status button appear on bottom of My Status page.
  • Change documents directory to use forceDownload script (by file type)
  • Prevent .exe or .php (or other scripting files) files from being uploaded
  • Add an "On Site" or "Live Conference" option to the status options.
  • Archive different versions of the datadump in the custom directory.
  • Change "Documents" to give open of view/download based on file type.  Use forcedownload for certain types or for audio files use wimpy player to play.
  • Get NewSite working on restricted access server (e.g. iPower)
  • Add uploading sytlesheets (with auto rename) to the File Actions
  • Create a section in the stylesheets for custom tags
  • Indication of if address is home/work address.
  • Open ended School Field in attendee record.
  • Assess if "Cart Action" failure under View Open Carts is a minor or major issue.
  • Make sure that zero (0) code access options cannot appear on individual sites.
  • Chng stdTxt msgs to allow for using default if not designated.
Low Priority:
  • Find out why the "view" button under the listing for "Membership Notification" doesn't work.
  • Research why "view membership types" (fcn_views.332: v_n_mem) doesn't work.
  • Pull in a default country other than United States
  • Search on "g_editUser" and change to correct action to edit a user... (left over from old platform)
  • Ability to change the order of the sections in the left menu bar.  (i.e put Register First)
  • Set sitecopy email address via configuration file to go to email address on server.
  • Get View Memberships working (fcn_views.332: v_n_man)


2009-03-31: Corrected a filesize crash issue in a forced download.
2009-03-27: Added stdTxt for CheckPayments
2009-03-27: Fixed xLog problem for AttendeeList (couldn't find user)
2009-03-26: Enabled "Forced Downloads" as an option in the "info.php" pages.
2009-03-19: Added registration type info to "CheckIn" listing.
2009-03-18: To on-site quick pay, added link to allow for quick view of invoice for receipt.
: Allow for Empty Funds Listing in "Associate Unassociated Entries" (it gave empty table error msg)
2009-03-14: Fixed Sales Totals By Goods so non-products titles show up and added subtotals by type
2009-03-13: Added ability to select a default country for drop down lists
2009-03-13: Check address now appears on separate lines (was running together)
2009-03-13: Ability to add date to new room (not room type & date)
2009-03-13: Now able to delete an error in a room entry.
2009-03-12: Added 'check-in' field to new attendee.
2009-03-12: Allow payfields on multi-payment and instant-pay to be selected based on main site.
2009-03-12: Cleaned up extra spaces in message fields, allow for better pagination.
2009-03-11: Now have email appear and removed shared message when only single attendee.
2009-03-11: Fixed so that if only one attendee jumps right to that attendee.
2009-03-11: Tightened up the multi-colored processing payment notes in Multi-payment
2009-03-11: Removed places where it refers to multiple attendees if you are on a one-only site.
2009-03-10: Repaired so info_id and special "message" fields are no longer an editable field.
2009-03-10: Fixed the Slashes in the special needs box on attendee options.
2009-03-10: Fixed to clean out the cart icon for new site.
2009-03-07: Check box that allows you to come back to the same search parameter
2009-03-07: Search help icon alert to assist in remembering search parameters.
2009-03-07: All searches now make use of varied search parameters.
2009-03-07: Check in feature search also by first name as well as last.
2009-03-07: Do not allow type switch if item is in shopping cart.
2009-03-06: Repaired admin change regType for single entry... was crashing when only one prod available.

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