General Overview

Understanding the big picture...what makes it different, why use it?
Is there a way to take a "tour" of the tool?

Note!  In the coming months we're going to release some videos that will give you an overview of eventCORE.  Some of the answers below need to be updated.  Please stand by for additional information.

The first steps in using EventCORE is to gain a general understanding of this tool, how it works and why it is good to use.  Please look over the following answers in the knowledge center to help you get a basic understanding of the various terms, structure and concepts of EventCORE.  Click on the link to view the answer and then use your back button to return to this page.

  • Why use EventCORE? What Makes it Different? Answer
  • An Overview of the EventCORE Registration System. Answer
  • Understanding the End-User/Administrator Difference: Answer
  • Administrator Access Explanation: Answer
  • Overview of the Info Menu: Answer
  • Placing a Main Logo: Answer
  • Questionnaire Overview: Answer
  • DataDump Overview: Answer
  • Technical Support Help: Answer 
  • The Cost of Using the Software: Answer 

Once you have read through each of these answers, we recommend using the "Quike" option to get started.