Info Menu Overview

What is the Info Menu?
Why is it important?
Are there special features in the Info Menu?

On the left side of your site there is an series of menu links.  The first of these sections is the Info Menu.  It can be renamed, but this section is used to give very useful and specific information about your event.  The way you use this will depend on a variety of factors.  If this is the only site being used to advertise your event, you'll probably use the Info Menu for many details.  If a separate event site exists and you're using the registration tool to simply register people for the event, your use for the Info Bar will most likely deal with more technical registration elements.  Or you might not use it at all. (It can be turned off).

The design and layout of the Info Menu is very important.  You want your users to have adequate information and you also want to make sure that you are legally covered by having appropriate cancellation notifications, price information and so forth. 

Some typical items included in the info bar are:

Overview:  Give an overview of the event and why a person should come.
Schedule: A simple or detailed schedule for the time.
Costs & Dates: List out the various cost items, dates, registration times, etc.
Cancellation Policy: What type of refunds are allowed.
Maps & Directions: How to get to the event.
Travel Instructions: Information about booking travel.
Hotel Information: Where to stay and how much.
Exhibitors: If you have exhibitors, give details for how to sign up.
Extra Activities: Recreational opportunities in/near the area or as a part of the event.
Speakers: A listing of the speakers with a bio and picture.
Seminars: The content and schedule for seminars.

To get a feel for other info items you may want to include, you can visit the siteIndex for your host site and get some ideas from other events.

The setup of Info Menu items is done by admin access under Info->Edit Info List (Messages).  There are a number of help topics that focus on the Info Menu.

There are also some special features that you can do with the Info Menu like:

  • Restricting Access to Registered Users
  • To open a secondary drill down menu
  • To list documents in the Document Directory
  • To exit to an external URL.

In summary, the Info Menu is one of the best ways to personalize your site.